My CG Ripping Tools v2.7 (English)

This article only introduce most widely used ripping tools and some my opinions, Welcome to suggest or correct.

Universal Tool


WESTSIDE can extract most of galgames from 1994 to now. Though it’s a commercial collection of tools, it provides some free tools, see

In the commmon we search needed tool with using GameUtilityDB. Usage see

Usually we can get share of saled cd from internet. Here, we should thank 646757417 for his brilliant contribution, because he provides http download, some widely used tools and good infos, see

WESTSIDE lacks enough infos about new galgames due to lag in sale. If so, we can make use of experiences based on company and archive extension (all may are the specialties of package format), then we may find available tools. If you find nothing, Crass may be a good choice.

2, Susie

Because of open structure of spi, it’s used widely in japanese software world, ie. famous ACDSee also supports.
(You can search by name, company, saled date, archive extension during it, only giving spi indirect link, it may cost some work to find spi)
(You can hunt out infos of galgames from 2003.1 to 2004.7, also only indirect link)
(It provides infos of galgames from 1991 to 2004, you can directly get spi)
(bt870411 collects infos of galgames from 1995.11 to 2007.2, but without any link, only spi’s name, great reference value)

Download see

Usage see jsnut’s guide

Susie don’t support batch converting and it’s always in trouble by spi2bmp. So we usually use third software which can load spi. Finally, we need to judge no magic archive by ourself for proper spi whatever using Susie or third software.

As same as the problems of some open source projects, spi development depends on developer’s passion only. And the ability or effect of extraction is irregular. Third, some famous developers nearly stops, and Susie can be replaced by other tools.

3, Crass (Crage)

Though 痴漢公賊 stopped development, Crass is still the greatest extractor.

Crass mainly consists of Crage used in extracting, uses cui as interface, totalled supports more than one hundred galgame engines and more than thousands of galgames. 痴漢公賊 shares Crass’s source code, if you are interested in studing these, it’s very useful.

Crage is a very powerful command tool, has many parameters. -p, -l, -d, -o, -u, -O are most important. -p specifies single archive to extract. -l specifies required index file. -d specifies directory to extract, in which all archives will be extracted recursively. -o specifies output directory. -u specifies which cui to force use. -O specifies processing method of special galgame usually encrypted. You’d better check every cui’s document then know which galgame engine need to use what parameter.

Lighting makes a gui for Crage. With it Crage is easier to use. Of course, CrageGUI include a English version.

Detailed infos see

Download source code and updated component see

zeas publishes some updated cui including RioShiina, cmvs, BSXX, see

4, asmodean’s commandline tools

The name is only a concept, it means a set of tools programmed by asmodean, a little like WESTSIDE. asmodean always produces tools for new galgames as soon as possible.

All of asmodean’s tools are commandline. It need some basic knowledges about commandline, such as absolute or relative path, required or optional parameter, input or output. If you see them a little, with asmodean’s usage, it’s not hard to use these tools. In fact, we don’t care about how or why these tools work, only follow the usage and then write a right command. If you want to study implement of algorithm, asmodean always releases source code, i believe you will not lose it.

The difficulty is that it’s hard to deal with batch files, because asmodean’s tools don’t support wildcard character. We can use advanced command “for %variable in (set) do command %variable” in cmd or “for %%variable in (set) do command %%variable” in bat.
(variable is only a parameter, can be any valid character; set also is only a parameter, means file group, allow wildcard character)

Detailed infos see

5, arc_conv

After Crass is deprecated, finally w8m brings arc_conv.

arc_conv is a commandline tool with simple graphical interface, supports quite a few galgame engines to extract and a little galgame engines to repack, additionally includes find_common, find_anime, text_conv.

arc_conv is slowly developing, it seems w8m don’t have enough time to maintain. The most contribution is supporting some versions of RioShiina (highest 2.48).

Detailed infos see

6, ExtractData

結羽 makes it, but gived up owing to minori.

It has powerful setting, including specified file type search, output mode, alpha option, blending effect, buffer size, spi support and so on.

It not only supports some popular galgame engines like Majiro Script Engine, NScripter and kirikiri2, but also has own feature – simply decryption. Some companies only use simple encryption, we can easily extract their xp3 under the help of ExtractData (please open simply decryption). But ExtractData isn’t the master key of all encrypted xp3, some companies do other encryptions even strongly complicated encryptions,in this case you’d better try Crass which provides many decryptions for kirikiri2 or unbeatable xp3viewer.

Download see

7, HCG Converter

Starts by 鷹場狼, the newest version updated by the end of 2007.

It can automatically and properly judges archive and provides particular option for some galgame engines. And it has some features like bmp force out, xor decryption, alpha reversal.

Detailed infos see

8, WESTSIDE Media Extractor

WESTSIDE releases own Media Extractor(instead of Neko57?). It can extract any particular format determined by its plug-in.

It can config whether extraction of any file and any type and restrict strictly variable size from 0.0001 to 999999. In plug-in setting, it’s feasible to enable or disable any plug-in and view advanced properties of some plug-in. The default plug-in are provided including AVI, BMP, JPG, MID, OGG, PNG, WAV, WMV.

Download see

Detailed infos see

9, GameViewer/QuestLAB

Programmed by CrHackOS/prefetchnta. GameViewer is deprecated, QuestLAB is the successor.

GameViewer supports some games from great companies like Falcom, GAINAX, 工画堂, KONAMI. There are many features that other tools can’t handle. It can extract 3D material, play multi-frame with alpha blending, show customized complicated 3D effect with D3D9’s shader and view, change, flip rgb or alpha channel. These are the strong advantags for it. It aims at 3D render, so the ability as extractor isn’t good as some other tools.

Download see

QuestLAB refactors according to UNIX philosophy to be a successor of GameViewer. It supports multi-architecture, multi-thread, modular function, and it’s experimental. Now it hasn’t implemented all features of GameViewer.

Detailed infos see

10, スペシャルねこまんま57号 (Neko57)

Though it is as a veteran here, essentially うさぴょん’s Neko57 isn’t only a extractor. It has many functions that now always is widely used, i always pick one – CRC32/MD5 check.

For extraction it can force find BMP, JPG, PNG, WAV, OGG, AVI. In fact the ability is limited, because it works only according to build-in condition code. Neko57 only judge by condition code then force output. Once files exist, Neko57 ignore anything, only force to extract.

Download see

Detailed infos for extraction see

11, Grapholic

Grapholic provides own plug-in – ghp, but they’re so old that seems to be useless. I treat it as a third software which can load spi.

If you don’t like, Vix is alteration in japanese software.

Download see


Special Tool

1, xp3dumper/xp3viewer

Since 痴漢公賊 left ACG world, it’s impossible to extract specially encrypted kirikiri2 galgames until xp3dumper developed by resty. At end of 2011, Amano alse develops xp3viewer which against kirikiri2, replacing xp3dumper, it’s easier to extarct specially encrypted kirikiri2 galgames.

Detailed infos see

2, 真美ツールズ (MamiList3)

せーじ’s MamiList3 mainly is used to extract ELF’s galgames, from Words Worth to DragonKnight4.

Detailed infos see

3, KayugaCut

It’s well-known that it’s hard to deal with アトリエかぐや’s cg. The writer ffv likes Berkshire Yorkshire very much, so he develops KayugaCut. It aims to be a image software that can convert and process cg, play animation, easy merge character.

It can extract almost all アトリエかぐや’s galgames, here we should pay attention to select LZSS decode if needed. It is greeted that KayugaCut can auto merge cg from version 2.0。

Download see

The great auto merge is unstable when multi-cpu. Please assign to CPU0.

4, 萌衣☆Player (mei-player)

The analogous MPEG standard made by Entis. There are five classes. Ususally company respectively use eri, mio and mei to transform image, audio and video, then use noa to pack them. So we first use Crass to extract, then use mei-player to transform.

Detailed infos see

zeas provides updated plug-in for mei-player, see

5, KID Tools GUI

In China there are a mass of KID fans, AyuanX invents, it can extract all kinds of resources of most of all KID’s galgames.

Detailed infos see

6, RioX

Program made by muzhi. It can extract images from age’s rio, be a general solution.

It can extract event/background/system images. It puts emphasis on general extraction compared to WESTSIDE’s complete extraction.

Detailed infos see

7, m-akita’s commandline tools

m-akita is a cracker same as asmodean, tools wrote all are commandline. But still his tool can be applied to specified galgame, so low generality.

Except using for ripping, most of m-akita’s tools can make binary script to plaintext. It’s the best gift for galgame translator.

Detailed infos see


Assistant Tool

1, GalPhotoAuto

The great batch composite tool by ztjal. And ztjal frequently updates to support new galgames.

It traverses to handle images and batch composite by 5 rules: default, RioShiina, kirikiri2, asmodean, Crass.

Detail infos see

Program is a dependency of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

2, DirectMuxer

DirectMuxer is a universal multi-group composite tool.

It has important features as follow:
1, Support any number of image group composite.
2, Support Alpha Blending, Transparent Blitting, Opaque Override, Complex Composite.
3, Support task queue.
4, Support jsx output, used to create psd.

Detail infos see

Program is a dependency of Java Runtime Environment (Java SE 7) Windows x86

3, PicComposite

A magical composite tool from japan.

Its powerful functions consist of basic features and special configurations. The basic features as follows: delta composite, convert, rename order by datetime, search duplicate, crop by preview size, trim, prediction offset. Secondly, and special configurations as follows: preview, histroy, size adjustment, always on top, get coordinate position, use alpha, use transparent color, inverse, flip, rotate.

Download see

I don’t like PicComposite’s naming pattern after number/datetime, it’s not convenient to check result.

4, MagickMerger

MagickMerger is a GUI for related composite command in ImageMagick.

Program is separated into Limited Auto-Merge and Easy Manual-Merge: former can according to default regular expression profiles generate batch command; latter can specify single composition including Alpha Blending,Transparent Blitting,Mask Addition,Percent Cropping,Canvas Creation.

Detail infos see

Program is a dependency of Java Runtime Environment (Java SE 7) Windows x86 and ImageMagick (Windows binary)

5, EasyMerge

The rapid composite tool progammed by coolshake.

It can config image type, background color, composite rule. It can switch english/chinese and support coordinate location and composite preview.

Detail infos see

EasyMerge has a disadvantage because currently it only support three groups for maximum.

6, BMPMixer

A excellent work from ffv.

It owns powerful features – 6 blending modes, 2 flip methods,coordinate location and group composite. It’s easy to composite cg from Active.

Download see


2013.01.04 v2.7 added GalPhotoAuto,added QuestLAB, removed xp3dumper, fixed some descriptions
2012.04.02 v2.6 added xp3viewer, RioX, removed BatchBlender, fixed many descriptions
2011.05.21 v2.5 added arc_conv, removed ImageMagick, mux_png, fixed some descriptions
2010.07.18 v2.4 added xp3dumper, m-akita’s tools, removed GameLoader Pro, fixed many descriptions
2009.04.24 v2.3 added MagickMerger, BatchBlender, DirectMuxer, EasyMerge
2008.05.22 v2.2 added ImageMagick, PicComposite, WESTSIDE Media Extractor
2008.03.29 v2.1 added screen capture for new chinese version, fixed some descriptions
2008.01.27 v2.0 wrote a english version, sorted some tools, added asmodean’s tools
2007.09.14 v1.3 added GameViewer
2007.08.06 v1.2 added GameLoader Pro
2007.07.31 v1.1 added Entis’ tools
2007.07.27 v1.0 re-wrote to a chinese tool introduction with screen capture, additionally imported WESTSIDE, Crass, ExtractData, HCG Converter, KayugaCut, BMPMixer, Neko57, MamiList3, KID Tools GUI, mux_png
2006.08.16 v0.0 wrote a chinese guide about Susie, Grapholic

3 Responses to “My CG Ripping Tools v2.7 (English)”

  1. handover111 Says:

    A lot of newer eroge titles are using encryption in their .xp3 files.

    XP3viewer gets recommended for these but the links to XP3viewer seem to be down in this guide.

    Could you post a box to a copy of XP3viewer?


  2. aki Says:

    Hmm. The account seems to be “over the bandwidth” limit, but seeing that the files are small in size, and that others also had issues with bandwidth, it’s possible that there are issues with the bandwidth on’s side?

    Trying to get PicComposite, lost it after I cleaned my hard drive.

    Thanks for your efforts!

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