Chu(治癒)してあげちゃう ~押しかけお姉さんの性交恥療~

archive is in noa, image is in eri

use Crass(EntisGLS) + mei-player


10 Responses to “Chu(治癒)してあげちゃう ~押しかけお姉さんの性交恥療~”

  1. coolice Says:

    Hello, Mr. haibara.
    I would like to ask a question.
    Even if it uses Crass, an expression picture is not displayed formally.
    Doesn’t it teach whether what I should do and can’t be given?
    Thank you for your consideration.
    It will be saved if commented on my address.

    • haibara Says:

      please use mei-player to convert eri, then we should use misceri to merge in fact.

  2. coolice Says:

    It becomes like a picture after all.
    Order is explained later on.
    p2: It is noa deployment with a ttp:// tool.
    2: Change the eri file which came out by mei-player.
    3: Compound the changed eri file by misceri.
    It is above.
    Although it is conversion of 2, what do I do the output filter?

    • haibara Says:

      misceri required png and eri

      • coolice Says:

        Does it change an eri file?

      • haibara Says:

        eri -> bmp -> png (must remain alpha channel)

        also can’t delete eri

      • coolice Says:

        Please let me arrange once.
        1: Develop a noa file by crass.
        2: Change the eri file which came out into bmp.
        3: Change the bmp into png continuously.
        4: Compound the png and eri of one by misceri collectively.
        Is it a thing as which this may be sufficient?

      • haibara Says:

        yes, two points:
        1, png must remian alpha channel
        2, misceri shoule be under same folder as png and eri, ya you can use for command to batch merge, like ‘for %i in (*.eri) do misceri %i’

    • coolice Says:

      Thank you.
      I do somehow.

  3. coolice Says:

    If it can do, I would like to show a conversion setup of mei-player.

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