archive is in xp3, image is in pimg, png and tlg

use xp3dumper + expimg(asmodean)


6 Responses to “DRACU-RIOT!(ドラクリオット)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Would you teach order for this soft deployment procedure later on?
    Although the software for deployment could be prepared, it was not able to understand how it should unite this time.

  2. HGMYraquAI Says:

    Can you show a tutorial on how to extract Dracu-Riot!? I have some problems extracting.

    • haibara Says:

      use xp3viewer to replace xp3dumper

      • HGMYraquAIRikachama Says:

        Really thank you very much! I was having hard time for the Dumper, I follow tutorials correctly but no file on dump folder. Now my problem solved. Woohoo! I owe you one :)

  3. HGMYraquAl2 Says:

    I can’t view PIMG, sorry to ask here, how do I convert or open them?

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