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10 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, what was the password you used for CG packs for KAGUYA remake collection?

  2. Aidan Taylor Says:


    I have read a lot of your website but i can’t find out how to open rc8 and rct images
    They come from astraythem btw


  3. Anon Says:

    Hi. First off, I would like to thank you for all the useful ripping information you’ve provided.
    Now, the reason I’m posting: has anyone found a way to rip Honky Tonk Pumpkin’s newest H-game? ( There’s two different CG sets floating around, but both are incomplete, and even combining the two leaves parts missing. I’ve tried all past methods of extracting HTP’s games, but they don’t work.


  4. KaosTPY Says:


    我用crass吧《天神亂漫》里的CG提取了出來之後,然後基本上我用DirectMuxer合成ev cg基本上是沒問題的。(因為有evdiff.txt 座標)


    竟然沒有一個.txt是顯示座標的位置,txt里只有有顯示fgimage裡面的圖片名字和尺寸和一些我不知道什麽東東的數值。如圖: (青色圈起來的數值我不知道是什麽東東)

    而我自己也試下手動合成,但是合成的x, y數值,和 .txt 裡面的任何一個數值都沒有關聯。 這樣的話我要怎麼找出該圖片應有的x, y座標啊?????



    • haibara Says:


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